Customer zone

Operating System
Utilising a free BSD based on UNIX featuring enhanced productivity and security, this means this is an excellent platform for web hosting.

Control Panel
Introducing monoPost Manager – allowing you the freedom to control of your site, users, domains and applications that you demand. With an intuitive interface and simple controls, no knowledge of hosting is required.

Resident Applications
Apart from our base software, there is a host of applications which our clients are welcome to install and utilise, all of course, come with technical support from our team of experts.

Data Centre
monoPost locates your VPS in our fully managed hi-tech Data Centre in Prague, providing maximum uptime and security for all your data and services.

Our state of the art equipment provides for both reliability and stability. Only using equipment from approved manufacturers, our data centre conforms to all safety standards.

  • Redundant backbone connections (X+1);
  • 24x7x365 Physical Security;
  • Electrical supply guaranteed by both a redundant UPS and a redundant Diesel generator;
  • Advanced Fire detection and protection system;
  • Powerful Air conditioning and climate control system;
  • 24x7x365 uninterrupted monitoring of servers and applications;
  • Regular back ups.

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